March 29, 2009

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Krystian Majewski said...

The choice of included cables is really strange.

You can change the starting category somewhere in the menu or in the profile settings. Just click yourself trough.

The Ninja Gaiden thing is most unfortunate. I still don't understand why they are restricting the use of imported games. That particula game isn't even available in stores anymore.

The Street Fighter HD Remix thing annoyed the HELL out of me. That's just an example of not thinking things trough properly.

Hm, I guess I have to check out Feeding Frenzy now.

Simon Ferrari said...

Chen Yu-Chung,

Looking forward to potentially playing together with you and Krystian on the 360. I checked out your portfolio awhile ago, and was really impressed with what you did with so few polygons on that DS title. Anyhow, glad you can now join Krystian and I in our rants about 360 games.

On Peggle, I don't get it either - but at GDC Jesper Juul used it and Bejeweled 2 to explore his theories on how to make the best casual games, so there's got to be something to it (if you've worked with PopCap, maybe?). The slides are available on his website, it's a somewhat intriguing look at "failure design" - I just don't care enough about casual games, though.

Feeding Frenzy I will have to check out, if only because I got a free copy of it for buying a used copy of Sega Superstar Tennis for 9 bucks (it also came with Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, Pac-Man CE, and UNO - no brainer for 10 bucks).

As far as Ninja Gaiden 2 goes, I played the first one for months when I was a freshman in college. People would wake me up in the middle of the night to come beat a boss for them. The second one I stopped playing because my 360 red-ringed, and I haven't gotten back into it. It's harder than the first, and the level design isn't as impressive... but it's still better than Devil May Cry 4, Viking, and Conan.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

Thanks Simon,

Looking forward to some quality time online as well. So far the only notable online playing experience for me was Mario Kart Wii, so I'm really glad to have an Xbox360 finally.

re: NG. hehe, yeah will play NG2 some time later, I liked the first one very much.

DMC I played the first, liked it, was for the time pretty kick-ass, but sequel was sucky and after NG1, competing titles just seemed inferior. Almost bought DMC3 at one point but comments on tedious boss fights stopped me after all.

Talking about DMC4, the first thing comes to mind is the Gloria intro "porn" sequence. I do like dark-skinned hotties but something about skin looking like porcellain (Ninja Gaiden is guilty of this as well, if not more) just bothers me.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

Oh re: Feeding Frenzy... not to talk it up, personally I find it cheap but it's amazing to see how "little" it takes to get someone hooked. But not to talk it down either, if it works, it works...

So I'll go buy it now so the girlfriend is happy ;)

Krystian Majewski said...

No reason to apologize for Feeding Frenzy. It's a solid game. It's straight-forward but it sure does work!