March 25, 2009

Closing Thoughts: Mass Effect

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Simon Ferrari said...

Oh bugger I thought I'd saved you from the DLC while we were playing Gears. On that note, the Batarians were by far the most interesting race from reading the History information in-game, and then they totally blew it. The whole "kill the bad guy, done" is something DLC constantly struggles with I think. You have this super buffed-up character from the main story, and you just plow through the new content without having to even think.

Bethesda does DLC the best. Operation: Anchorage was weak, but had some fun kitschy stuff, an interesting branching team-based section, and some really cool atmospheric effects (cannon-rumbles). Did some of the Pitt last night, which is only slightly better than Anchorage, but features a fun little Mirror's Edge-y playground for you to find these ingots and unlock some really sweet weapons. There's also this wicker man statue that's off the chain. Nothing beats Shivering Isles, though; best DLC ever (even better than the main Oblivion storyline).

As far as Mass Effect's story goes, yeah, Feros was the best. And the "crisis" you have to avert on Virmire is beyond ridiculous (who doesn't buff up their persuasion skill in a BioWare game?). The ending was slightly better than you give it credit for. You're fighting the one guy, but the fleet is doing it's own thing against Sovereign. BioWare is really stuck doing big-time twists since their KotOR days, and the Reaper twist would have been a lot better if it weren't an exact copy of the plotline from Prey (which wasn't as good, but was notable for being about a Native American and the Escher-like level design).

Simon Ferrari said...

Why not just play Puzzle Quest on XBL? Achievements, "better" graphics.

Krystian Majewski said...

No, when we played Gears it was already too late.

Gee, now you really got me hyped over Fallout. But right now, no money (and Time).

The Crisis? Oh you mean the thing with the Krogan guy. I thought that was ok. I'm just wondering what would happen if I hadn't got my persuasion skill maxed out.

The Reaper twist was ok. I just didn't like the very last cinematic. On the other hand, at least it had a clear sense of closure... unlike - say - Half-Life 2.

Puzzle Quest - I would prefer it on XBLA but it's also for my girlfriend and she can't deal with the analogue Stick controls. She constantly makes moves she didn't want and that frustrates the hell out of her. As if mastering the game mechanics wasn't difficult enough. DS works best for her from all available consoles. Go Nintendo!