June 21, 2009

E3 Post-Mortem

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Yu-Chung Chen said...

Last Guardian. Completely missed the leak and the buzz, and I'm not moved by the trailer. The creature gives me the creeps. Let's see how the gameplay turns out, because the art(sy) style is wearing off after 2 games.

Modern Warfare. I want this with the Metroid Prime 3 control.

Scribblenauts. Yeah, wanna try. Is Paul Robertson involved? Would be awesome.

Wii Vitality Sensor. No gameplay/application is poor, and the current appearance looks like crappy medical toy, but I'm interested when Iwata pointed out the passive/unconscious input. In principle, I think it can be useful when games can know not only what you do, but also how your body is responding to it. Obviously, the sensor would make sense for a future WiiFit.

"Pedo-Simulation", haha!
Super Mario Galaxy 2 still has UR MR GAY in it.

Hey, where is the obligatory New Super Mario Bros Wii-bash? ;) Claims like "4D" and "the next step after 17 years of Mario" are ridiculous, but this might be an actually easily playable implementation of the co-op+competition concept, after all the cumbersomeness with multiple hardware. But it seems to lack online play, which is unfortunate (so 4P play will still pose an organisational problem), but without proper teamspeak (no, we won't buy WiiSpeak), the inevitable co-op failures, no matter technical or human caused, will certainly break the game.

Krystian Majewski said...

@Last Guardian - RLY? I think it's adorable! I though some of the scenes from the trailer were pretty cool, especially certain animations of the creature. It totally moves and behaves like a dog/cat. But these are cut-scenes. I agree we have to check out how it works. On the other hand, if somebody can pull it off - it's that team.

@Modern Warfare - Maybe. It's the Counter-Strike of the consoles. It's hardcore so the controls are ok. But I agree - I'd like to have ANY kind of Mulitplayer Shooter on a Wii.

New Super Mario Bros - yeah haven't commented on that. Because I don't know. What you've written sound pretty poor. On the other hand, I've heard podcasts from people, who tried it that it is pretty good. And the recent Listen UP even mentioned that this game will be the first one to implement the patented demoplay/hint system we were all speculating about. So my philosophy is a positive "Let's wait and see".

Vilhelm S said...

I'm not sure about "pedo-simulation": what it really reminds me of is David from "AI". Which is still pretty creepy -- if mankind will ever go voluntarily extinct, I'm sure that games like this will be the reason. :)