April 29, 2009

Illucinated: The Magic of Camera Mapping

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Simon Ferrari said...

I am so tired from pulling all nighters that I forgot to comment on this after watching like 8 million YouTube videos about camera mapping.

All I can say is: why the fuck did I use Maya and Unreal when I could have been doing this shit. Do you know how stupid hard it is to get a planar mapping to work in Maya? You do, probably better than I do. It's stupid hard. You are a God, this project looks awesome. I want.

axcho said...

So, you'll be releasing in a week? Good luck. I'm looking forward to it! :D

I just posted my senior thesis from school. There's a quote from you in it! ;)

Krystian Majewski said...

@Simon: I think the problem is that texturing in general is quite difficult. Especially since it is a process that is deceptively simple in real life - you just take your figurine and a brush and paint in. I hope with the spread of 3D Painting the texturing/unwrapping process will slowly phase out. On the other hand, there lies some power in being able to do it manually. Like driving using a manual gearbox.

@axcho - ha, that would be awesome! No, sadly, I just prepared some content to show in the presentation.
Wow, I'm being quoted! How embarrassing. ;-)