January 15, 2009

Xbox 360 Impressions: 1 Month After

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Luis Antón said...

You just can't imagine how happy I'm right now with my PS3, with it's wifi, wireless sixaxis and free online gaming. I was unsure about the PS3 because of it's price, but I got one for Christmas from my wife.

I felt in love with it (with the PS3, I mean) when I discovered that I could plug in an external USB device and listen to MP3, watch pictures and DIVX movies, all that right out the box.

Much more when I started playing Little Big Planet, but that's just about gaming.

Well, thank you for your review. It should be shared: most people have no idea about the Xbox Live thing and all those extras you have to pay for. I really wanted to play Gears of War and Dead Rising... but I think I'll do that on my next PC.

Krystian Majewski said...

Thanks for rubbing it in. ;-)

But to be fair, even if I bought a 12 Month Gold Membership, I still would be below the price for a PS3. It just seems so expensive because you repeatedly discover that the whole thing is MORE expensive than you thought - an effect recently described by Daniel Gilbert on TED.

So it is not so much about the price but about the way Microsoft is doing business. It's all based on mis-information and deception. Even if it looks nice and shiny, it is generally a very consumer unfriendly.

As for the features - they are comparable. The Xbox also plays MP3 and DIVX as I already mentioned. So no reason to go off on a fanboy war.

As for the games. Gears of War turned out to be not so hot for me, though I recently found out that co-op split-screen multiplayer is a lot of more fun. On the other hand, Braid was worth it and I also kinda grew very attached to Catan. It just shows that if some small, simple game get a grip on you, all the Gears of Wars and Metal Gear Solids in the World are wort nothing. Just like in love. ;-)

And of course, I will get me a PS3 anyway. I'm planning to buy one when the new Gran Turismo comes out.