January 28, 2009

SF IV costumes and spoiler-phobia

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Krystian Majewski said...

You and your spoiler-phobia. I don't know what you are expecting from the video. There are some guys. They fight. They have clothes on. I can't comment any more. I don't know what the original costumes look like and I can't tell if they are "customized" form items or anything.

I don't see how looking at some of the thing the game has to offer will spoil you anything. I mean shouldn't you then also refrain from reading ANYTHING about it? You will buy the game so you see the costumes sooner or later. Better be surprised now then be surprised later.

Maybye I don't see a problem because I generally don't see anything "fun" in costumes.

lunaticg said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love street fighter games.
See you around.