January 3, 2009


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Digital Tools said...

Extremely well. Happy 2009 to you!!

Yu-Chung Chen said...

I have currently 5 projects (4 university, 1 Flash game commission) going on and had scheduled work on them during the "holidays". A week before Christmas I accepted an additional, quick 3D job on short notice.

The Christmas week I managed to work on 2 of the 5 projects and finish that 3D job.

The Sunday after Christmas, when when I was in the middle of working on the Flash game concept, I got fever. Big fun.

Best thing to do during cold? The most passive possible activity: Watch movies. I watched Indiana Jones 4 (exceeded my very low expectation), Science of Sleep (way better than Be kind, Rewind) and 99 Francs (nice as well). Also this HK movie, Confession of Pain (below expectation)

It took me almost the entire last week to recover, also destroying my plan to visit my brother (who, by the way, has maxed out his Mario Kart Wii online VS rating at 9999).

Only since Thursday I could start doing things again.

Bottom line: behind schedule, no fun and barely back to normal health condition, it's been a great holdiay and an awesome start into the new year! Oh and I'm still short of money from paying taxes in December 08.

Let's say it can only get better. Or wasn't it that bad? Which means it could get worse...