November 29, 2008

Night Work

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daniel 'sirleto' renkel said...

all my work done in the week from tue, 18.nov to wed, 26.nov sums up to 54h:

2008-11-18, tue: 3h
2008-11-19, wed: 5h
2008-11-20, thu: 6h
2008-11-21, fri: 8h
2008-11-22, sat: 6h
2008-11-23, sun: 4h
2008-11-24, mon: 8h
2008-11-25, tue: 5h
2008-11-26, wed: 9h

due to the fact that i was also working at my day-job monday to thursday each week, i did similiar as krystian start work at 18'o clock and end it after midnight.

i did not track exactly how much time i used for each level, because i was jumping back and forth sometimes (making corrections, hints & wishes, adding different pickup positions, etc.)

due to the fact that i didn't add many new features in the level editor i also didn't keep track of that time separately.

but i believe adding xml export, some tracing option i needed for the solutions and some simple used-path-visualization took aprox. 8 hours.

designing the 30 levels did took me aprox. 6h, which leaves ~40h for the raw level-editing craftmanship. which is actually 25% better than my original assumption to need arround 2h per each level. which i actually believe to have only reached for a few of the more difficult and thus more complex levels.

krystian, if i wanted to argue with you (which i don't ;) i'd say that you did take more and more time for later work (purple, pink, cyan) simply because one isn't very effective when working that late.

Krystian Majewski said...

>i'd say that you did take more and
>more time for later work (purple, >pink, cyan) simply because one >isn't very effective when working >that late.

You'd be wrong. The Data hardly supports that assumption.

What is "raw level-editing craftmanship"?