October 16, 2008

Searching for the Perfect Gaming Setup

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sirleto said...

Great article. I love it when you write about such "anal" things, that usually take up all my time, too. (whenever i will move to a new flat i hope that my old solution still works as well as expected - even with a ps3 now hooked into my tv via hdmi).

new york - ahh, those times. i still owe you that one, big time!

btw: the link to the perfect beat is broken (you snug an o instead of an p into the http protocoll ;)

daniel / sirleto

ps: i envy your new tv-bench concept - on the one hand it just looks like mine (flat and really broad - i love that look) and on the other hand the glass & dark look is pretty nice. but i would never buy what you've got already. impossible! nah *blerch* =)

Krystian Majewski said...

Oops, I've fixed that Perfect Beat link.

Yes, the TV Solution is inspired to some degree by your old living room but also by the office of one of my professors. I think it is genrally a good idea. It creates a lot of surface to work with and enough room to set up really big TVs. All I need now is a really big TV. ;-)