August 8, 2008

Names and Packaging

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Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


daniel / sirleto said...

the microsoft spoof video is great, one can learn so much from it.

and of course, the bit generations packaging is exactly what i like and instantly would buy / would have bought - if it was or were available here!

and the best thing is the spam (above) - the publishing house for paulo coelhos books in germany is (mainly, AFAIK) diogenes - and a lot of their book covers (if not all) feature quite a big amount of white on them (take a look at amazon if you like).

they are "cheap" to make, but have a unique stile and are easy to recognize when looking arround in a bookstore.

Krystian Majewski said...

Well, I find the video funny too but you must admit that it is pretty unfair. As I've said - Apple follows a completely different retail strategy on how they distribute their products and inform their customers about them. The Microsoft boxes may be ugly but they do their job in the environment they are sold in. If Microsoft changed the packaging, they would have to change their whole distribution and marketing model. Therefore, I estimate the amount you can learn from that video as quite low. Read by blog instead ;-).

As for the aart hilal post - it might be spam but it might be also a genuine human being fond of Coelho who found this blog because I'me mentioned this. Anyway, I heard that Paulo offers some of his books for free and I like it. They say this kind of strategy actually improves sales.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

looks like someone is learning for the competition... (sorry couldn't to a hot image link).

I also think that this kind of "minimal" box art style only works since those "traditional", bloated boxes are the norm, so a monochrome box stick out. So I guess every hero needs a villain? ;)

Yu-Chung Chen said...

of course I mean "from" the competition... why can't I edit comments, dangit!?

Krystian Majewski said...

I agree but I don't think it is ONLY a relative thing. I believe there are also good reasons to choose either of the two strategies independent of how popular that particular choice is. I'm talking about things like product semantics. I might post some more about it soon.

(and yeah, not being to edit sucks big time)