August 26, 2008

Digidrive is Awesome

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sirleto said...

basically i migh be interested.

but: you said, don't try to understand the screenshots? i'm having problems getting any idea of the basic gameplay from watching the video you posted. WTF?

Krystian Majewski said...

Yeah, like this guy on flickr said "I think I would have an aneurysm attempting to explain the gameplay". It's not that it is complicated but it is very abstract.

So here goes my aneurysm: There is a crossing. Like a street crossing. And shapes ("cars") are coming from all 4 different directions. When a car gets to the center to the crossing you can send in in a different direction or let it drive straight trough. Then the car will drive down the street to the edge of the screen and stop. The basic gameplay is to sort cars of the same color (there a 3 different colors of cars) into the streets.

But that's just the beginning, there are some more rules which add this whole nice strategic value to it. I won't go into more details. It would be easier if you try it. It's just 6 euro - that's like a pizza.