August 18, 2008

c/o pop is over

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Yu-Chung Chen said...

Thanks for sharing! So I'm like this ally who didn't actively take part at the battle but still gets some courtesy EXP ;)

sirleto said...

thanks for sharing your insights!

after being to the GC a few times, i finally believe there is NO game that fits to such a fair. each and every game has some obstacles/problems/details that take to long, don't work with the noise of the fairs, don't work with the lighting situation or don't appeal to the average people walking arround on those fairs ;-)

Krystian Majewski said...

Well, c/o pop is a bit different from GC and it does look like the guys from GEE had a lot of fun presenting games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, REZ and Everyday Shoother. That's what i ment with "a different kind of game".