July 21, 2007

FFXII Diary: License System Usability Issue

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Krystian Majewski said...

Very nice re-design. Tufte style! ;-)
I had somewhat similar problems when playing Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Tactics - In both games you learns skills from items and because of lousy information design it is very difficult to keep track of which items you need and which items are of no use anymore. You don't want to take chances so you end up stacking up useless weaponry just to make sure you don't miss out any skills.
Still, a solution without giving up the immersive aspect would be preferable. Especially in a game like Final Fantasy. How about making it the other way around? Highlight equipment IN SHOPS which you cannot use because you have no license but you could use? When the user decides to buy that equipment, the game could automatically switch to the place on the license board.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

The shops do highlight whether you can use a given item, the problem I'm having concerns stuff I don't have yet, but might consider getting, so that display helps little.

The idea to jump from the shop listing to the corresponding board tile, however, is very nice.

I'm very interested in Daniel's opinion on this as he has played it more already.

Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel said...

Isn't that a problem of the whole FF series? i always had the feeling (whatever FF part i played), that equiping / shoping stuff in this game is more complicated than necessary. i had always the feeling that pc games like diablo have a lot easier, quicker and yet still complex inventory / equiping / shoping.

for me, final fantasy is a decission between unnecessary complicated and relatively dull gameplay with great visuals and cinematic story presentation. and this was why i like FF XII so much more, because now at least the fights are more tactical/strategical for me (and the fighters nicely automated).

as krystian allready mentioned (somewhere else than our blog?): it is pretty bad that FF XII still has this unsatisfying fighting system and now it only gets better because you don't have to do it yourself.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

FFXII tactical? I don't see that. Maybe I'm not getting the system because everybody including Famitsu loves it, so it must be good :p

So far I find the combats to be dull hitpoint trading. I recently defeated a Judge and didn't feel any accomplishment. Because the Judge was such a threat (two of my members went down in no time), I was busy with healing and couldn't pay attention to what he was actually doing and which tactics I ought be better using. After a while, my physical attacker (Basch) suddenly took him while I was still concerned with healing.

Well I admit maybe I'm too lazy for get into such a mammoth game. But the game is still guilty of not making me getting the system better.

Yu-Chung Chen said...

Daniel, maybe you can explain me how the game is supposed to work? Maybe in a scrapbook entry?