June 20, 2007

Third Generation

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Yu-Chung Chen said...

The game club thing is something I'd like to do, too. There's something similar going on at NTSC-UK http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t=64908, called "re:play appreciate

Yu-Chung Chen said...

dead trousers? STFU... I was too busy sculpting soldiers. Mudbox rocks btw. And it uses quasi-modes a lot :)

Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel said...

dead trousers: as i told you allready, i completely forgot about the scrapbook. i'm deeply sorry. btw: i have only 1 more klausur to write on friday. friday the 13th by the way :-)

now on topic:
i think to split up the history in those 3 generations is perfect. probably one could try to find 2 additional generations to split up your first and your second in more precise defintions, but let's simply call them 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b so that we can go on talking about generation 3, independant of the number of earlier generations.

(i like the 3 because of sony announcing game3.0 - even if it's more some kind of marketing babble about "web2.0 - but better". the things they named exist and are worth looking at for next generation games. it's pretty interesting but i think it's only a sub-set of concepts that will be and can be done in/for what you call generation3.)

so, again: i like what you said about generation 3. i think we are now at the point were generation3 games can be generated with more intentions in them, more than in/on any earlier generation.

i think to explore what new games to create, what new concepts to use (gamedesigns, visual styles, delivery, audience, etc.) is pretty necessary - not only from a scientific or cultural point, but also from a sales-pov: to use/create concepts to stick out from the mainstream (the icky ooze flowing arround) so we're able to sell games and make a living from it.